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    Chassis’ in order BEST TO WORST

    Re the space frames, you get what you pay for. Is it tigged, migged, or stick welded? How square? How flat? Are the pieces CNC cut? What kind of design went into it, newer theories or another copy of something in the 60's? They can be overengineered also. Too much for what people want to...
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    GTD Tie Rod End Problem

    Use the nut on something else, run it in and out a few times, this will wear in the nylon insert. Go back to the ball joint. Repeat if necessary.
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    FS USA 60 Books--Sold.

    Books have been purchased over the span of 20+ years. Original owner. Some are well used, others are like new. Some very informative, some valuable. If your interests are racing, building, tinkering, this collection is for you. This is your guide to spending money, lots and lots of money. This...
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    How much leather is required to do an interior

    Don't know what you are paying but these people sell whole leather hides at a good price. Really nice upholstery stuff.
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    To Wrap the Exhaust or Not to wrap the exhaust

    There are sleeves for the header tubes that are just as effective. Same material as the wrap but is a loose fit. Can be used if the headers are already installed. I've used wrap and sleeves, both work.
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    To Wrap the Exhaust or Not to wrap the exhaust

    fyi, ceramic coating is nice, if you get your exhaust red hot as in not enough advance or to rich or lean it will take the shine off your ceramic. The effect of this to me is unknown but I have seen it.
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    To Wrap the Exhaust or Not to wrap the exhaust

    I've used wrap and sleeves, Like the sleeves. Usually if your headers are getting that hot you are not running enough distributor advance, something to check. Either run a vacuum advance or dial in more on the efi.
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    2003 JBL Competition Roadster **No Reserve Auction**Sold**

    Here is a picture of a JBL next to a Hurricane replica. Both are the same ride height and you can see the difference in height and width.
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    Alignment help please

    Don't know where you guys are located, my alignment machine is up for auction in Kansas City area. It is a Hunter D111, old but very accurate. I've had it for about 10 yrs, used many times. Invaluable. Keep your eyes open they come up for sale every once in a while. I've had others similar...
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    Bleeding Clutch

    I've switched my hyd clutches over to the Earl's speed bleeders. Makes it easy peazy.
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    2003 JBL Competition Roadster **No Reserve Auction**Sold**

    Hello everyone, think I can post this here. If I need to make amends or delete the post do so or I will. Under the Purple Wave auction site, I have listed my JBL. It is a no reserve auction, for 30 days, ending Oct. 30. They handle the funds, they have the title, I have the car. When all is...
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    Advertising a couple cars question.

    Okay thanks Randy. That is what I think I will look into, thanks.
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    Advertising a couple cars question.

    Hello Ron or other admin. I have a couple roadsters I am in the process of selling. It is on another auction site, no reserve. Is it possible to advise the membership here about that and the particulars of the cars without posting a link to the auction? I am not a supporter so understand I...
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    MK IV tubular spaceframe drawing

    The perimeter triangulation does nothing for torsional stiffness. Looks heavy. I would design a center tunnel running the length between the seats, the larger the better, and use sheer panels where needed instead of all the triangulation. At the rear I suspect the engine/tranny is going to be...