2003 JBL Competition Roadster **No Reserve Auction**Sold**

Hello everyone, think I can post this here. If I need to make amends or delete the post do so or I will.

Under the Purple Wave auction site, I have listed my JBL. It is a no reserve auction, for 30 days, ending Oct. 30. They handle the funds, they have the title, I have the car. When all is said and done you pick your car up or have it shipped. Easy for me, easy for you. They are good people to work with as am I. If you go to their website, search JBL and it will come up.

I have had the car for 12 yrs. During that time I have been through the car to see what makes it tick. Tick it does. All the boxes. During that time I haven't seen another Competition Roadster come up for sale this complete although there have been a few touring roadsters. This car was designed by an engineer, that alone makes it an interesting subject. You can search for the JBLmotor website and it will have a lot of information. I'll also answer any questions. Here is a list of some of the parts and accessories.

It is street legal in the state of Kansas.

Sorry about the sideways pictures. The fender flares were clearanced when the car was lowered, it has since been raised and the flares are included but not attached. The hood is epoxy sealed/primed, never painted. There are quite a few more pictures on the auction site.

  • Keith Craft 408 C.I.D. V8 gas engine
  • TKO 600 five speed manual transmission
    • 0.82 OD
    • Pro 5.0 shifter
  • AFR 205 cylinder heads
  • Holly HP 750 carburetor
  • DUI distributor
  • Dailey Engineering dry sump with oil/air separator
  • Stewart water pump
  • Victor JR intake manifold
  • Jones racing pulley system
  • Cockpit adjustable dual rotary blade
    • Anti-roll bar with LED read-out
  • 3:73 IRS with torsion T2 differential
  • QA1 double adjustable shocks
  • Rocker arm front suspension
  • Coleman Racing balanced and stress-relieved floating brake rotors
  • Wilwood brake calipers
  • Air/fuel ratio gauges
  • Compomotive Modular three piece wheels
    • 17x10 front wheels
    • 17x12 rear wheels
  • 275/40-17 front tires
  • 335/35-17 rear tires
  • Additional parts included
    • Racing seat
    • Seat covers
    • Exhaust parts
    • Hood scoop
    • Fender flares
    • CCW wheels with tires
    • Additional set of tires


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Here is a picture of a JBL next to a Hurricane replica. Both are the same ride height and you can see the difference in height and width. 56191E90-D05C-41DC-9C51-C3FAABC24145.jpeg