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  • Bruce, hello, just noticed you're in Whangarei on the North Island. Don't suppose you know my mate Matthew Bell?


    David, Renton WA, USA
    Hi all, have UN1/1UZfe looking at upgrading UN1 for higher horespower. Know its probably been asked before but which is best way to go. Albins in OZ, GTO Racing Kit UK or i believe that Bruce in NZ (rambolambo) had a local guy in Whangarei that did primary upgrade plus 1st/2nd etc etc. I am based in NZ and open to suggestions. Have heard that the UN1 done properly is as good as ZF?. I have space limitations so have to stay with UN1. Would appreciate any comments. Cheers Jeff
    Hi there, I picked up a thread wher you were giving some advice on UN1 gearboxes. I don't suppose you know where I can track one down in New Zealand?
    Please send me you email addess out side of GT40s..
    I'll be able to send some PDFs

    DeLynn Mason
    i have some pictures of the 850qc transaxle i,m just waiting for delynn to send me some parts and i will take photo,s and send them.

    any questions please contact me waleed
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