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    494 can am block

    Wow - waking up a 14 year old thread ---
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    Mid-engine vette?

    You got that wrong also - it was Joni Mitchell
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    Hi-Tech Welding GT40 **SOLD**

    Re: Hi-Tech Welding GT40 There is just one more detail you should be sharing ---------
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    Dean's GT-R build thread

    It may have something to do with where the transmission is located.
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    Problem shifting into reverse - Graziano

    With those symptom's it sounds like clutch not completely releasing.
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    Dean's GT-R build thread
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    Which type of steel used to build the chassis

    Here's an interesting read concerning a stainless constructed race chassis. Paul Dudiak's McKee Mk12c Formula A / Formula 5000 Racecar
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    SAE Papers

    Thank you!
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    1965 ERA Ford GT40 #2066 **SOLD**

    Re: 1965 ERA Ford GT40 #2066 This should help - GT40 w/ A/C: 2002 ERA GT | Bring a Trailer
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    GT40 Graveyard!!!

    Probably Revell and Tamiya bodywork.
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    Jason's Coyote Powered RCR40 Downunder

    So - how did you track where the noise originated? I have visions of a small person with a stethoscope riding up there.
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    CAV GT on Ebay

    Watch the video - NSFW -
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    I PM'd you Jeremy.
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    Hope this happens

    I would be surprised to see the mid-engine Corvette with a manual transmission.