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    I'm sorry fellows. Keith Craft was a fairly retpuable engine shop that used to advertise with 15 years ago. I hope that you can recover something from your deposits.
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    MSD 6-AL spark test - scary results !

    That thing will light your ass up! Might shoulda kept it around for entertainment purposes!
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    Hello from Greenville SC! SL-C is on its way!!!

    Welcome to the forum! If you like the site and get something from it consider supporting Enjoy the build!
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    Reporting scams

    And post them here too. Scams need to be called out.
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    Auto membership renewal

    As always, you can delete the subscription in PayPal under subscriptions. The money will be refunded.
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    Chuck and Ryan's Carbon Cub Build Blog

    Awesome! I have followed the project over on CC forum and really like what you guys are doing. Very nice! I'm building away too, just getting ready to start on the wings of the S-21. Maybe I'll do a build log over here, only a few months late and can catch up. Think I'll do it!
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    Gonna do it. Lotus Esprit SBF.

    Great news Cliff!!!! Glad to hear that you're beating cancer and here is to more of that! I hope the Lotus is running good with the new Ford power!
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    What company is this? H Craft Customs? Maybe a link to the website would be a good idea. I feel your pain. I and many others went through this with Roaring Forties a good while back resulting in folks all over the globe losing well over 3/4 million USD.
  9. Ron Earp 2022 Fund Drive

    Hi Folks, It's 2022 and if you'd told me over twenty years ago that we'd still be an active and growing forum community I wouldn't have believed you. Pretty amazing. And it's also amazing that many of the same folks that were on the forum in 2000 are still active today. Many of us have formed...
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    Cheapest Gas

    Well, what happens when we overlap the price of crude oil with gasoline? Notice the two Y-axis, barrel price on the left gasoline on the right....lo and behold, they very closely mimic each other. With the exception of the gasoline costs lagging a bit behind the drop in crude prices, the curves...
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    Head flow equals horsepower.

    A couple of years ago Hyundai made that worrying about camshaft duration a thing of the past, they invented a variable valve duration system they have in a production car. It is clever.
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    Site is Back Up!

    Well, the sad fact is I am no longer current on what is happening with forum software and hosting servers. I can do rudimentary things but times have changed quite a bit. I've got a contact though that we're going to pay to manage the site. It'll be a bit more of an expense for but I...
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    Site is Back Up!

    Hi Folks, The site went down for about nine hours or so due to a reconfiguration on the server host and a stalled backup system that ran a disk out of space. Fixed now. Interestingly enough, the server going down coincided with me getting domain renewals on a couple of the domains associated...
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    Gravity Racer, part IV

    That's a really neat project. Making wheels is probably something not many people do any longer but seems like it'd be basic technology.
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    Awesome project!