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    GOOD idea! We can do that and it's the easiest way forward without disturbing the Registered Users we have.
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    We have a way to fix the spam problem. What we'll do is put in a "Promotion System". So someone who registers here today new will become a "Registered User" but they won't be able to start conversations/send private messages. After that person has made X number of posts then the system will...
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    My baby girl is all grown up!!!!!

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    Craft Performance engine knock

    As someone who has wrestled with a few Holley Sniper installs I can for sure tell you that whoever installed the Sniper HAD to know what the ignition timing was to set that up properly with rotor phasing and so on. That is, if they got it right. Are we sure these engines from KC are...
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    Build/Assembly manual

    Wrong forum fellows.....
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    Forum Support 2021

    Hi Folks, As most of you know, about two years ago quit accepting advertising banners and so on and became a member supported forum. So far that has been doing just fine with our yearly income being about the same as our expenses. That’s our goal, to break even and keep the site...
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    Congratulations to you! Now every day that ends in a Y in a Saturday!
  8. Ron Earp is Twenty!

    Thanks to all that make the forum possible. If you're new here and like what you see think about becoming a forum supporter. We aren't for profit and typically speaking we squeek by on expenses each month, typically ending the year at about break even.
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    Hi Folks, Spam has gotten out of hand as of late. The spambots are circumnavigating the spam guards we have in place and are becoming registered users. Once they are registered users they can send private messages to people, email members, and so on. So, for a temporary amount of time we're...
  10. Ron Earp is Twenty!

    Hard to believe it but the forum is now twenty years old this month. It seems like a long long time ago we started the forum hosting it on a free forum service which I can’t even remember the name of now. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the GT40s industry over the years with GT40 replica...
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    New Guy!

    Welcome to the forum!!!
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    Hi Folks, We have deleted a couple of these spammers in the recent week. Those of you that haven't logged on and viewed private messages in several days, or weeks, might still think there are spammers active unless you pay attention to the date the PM was sent. If anyone detects NEW PM spam...
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    Someone said there was cake…..

    Welcome to!
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    Alternative Energy Sources discussion

    JP....what exactly is it that you are trying to state?
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    Alternative Energy Sources discussion

    Absolutely true. And we've witnessed the results of a lack of understanding of the scientific process in the form of complaints uttered by people you know: "I just don't trust the CDC. First it's masks, then no masks, then sometimes masks, and then all the different directions on vaccines! They...