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  • Hey Bill just wanted to say hi John Runyan CAV #82 we need to get together and good to Athens Ga again stay in touch
    Hi Bill I have actually been looking at your build log a lot the last few months you have done and awesome job!! I`am looking for more of a time correct type seat my GT is not going to be a track car..I actually bought the same a/c heater defroster module last nite that you are using.. I have a lot of questions..and having fun building this car.
    Hi Bill

    we are in the final stages, the PCB is designed and is on bench test, I've sourced an enclosure and even managed to find the actual connector that mates with the steering ECU (electronic control unit). We have set the unit accoring to what i posted, 10 sec delay after start-up, then 30 of high assistance, after that low assistance, a button press gives you 60 secs of high assist. A long press and hold for 5 secs turns the pulses off. A long 5 sec press and hold turns the pulses back on. I'll be in touch when we have some built. Keith
    Hi Bill, you are right it is great to here from a fellow car buff. Let me tell you it has been a very difficult task sorting this car out and we are not done yet. I do want to get together, I am in Buford on the lake and would love to see the car. We are not that far apart and if you want call me and we can set up a time to meet. I would love to show you the SL-C. I go to the track with different groups and race also. If you want to go I am in with Hooked on Driving and I am a driving instructor. I will give you a call
    Saw a post of yours dealing with cable shifters. My TA is a UN1-13 and the older Toyota shifter I have looked at are 4 speed. Seems like they don't have enough side to side movement. The newer(95-) shifters are 5 speed and have more side to side. Is this important or will the 4 speed work?
    Also noticed your note on Megasquirt. I am using the MS3/MS3x ECM on this project and frankly having a difficult time sorting through the programing. At 64yso, I am not as tech savy as I would like to be. I'll get it but it's taking a long time.
    Also, where is a good source on 90 degree levers for the cable linkage?
    Are you asking about atmospheric temperature. If so, this needs to be near the throttle bodies. Keep away from any heat source or it will set the computer incorrectly. If you build a filter box that surronds the throttle bodies, the sensor needs to be in that area. Grassroots Motorsports mag list the Megasquirt. They have a self learning system that allows the computer to learn from the sensors what is going on and trys to readjust for that set of circumstances. It will, eventually learn almost all the circumstances that your engine will encounter. You then turn the learning mode off. This system allows you to tune your car without a laptop, other than some answers to simple questions(thus self learning). It comes with a base program and it learns from there. Really pretty neat. Myolder FAST requires a lot of imput. Several maufacturers have this technology(including FAST) and it makes EFI an easier choice.
    Hope this answers your question. If not, tell me what IAT is.

    Hi Bill,

    I have just purchased a TWM setup for my 5.0 and I will use a Megasquirt as ECU. On thing that struck me is that I cannot identify a place for the IAT sensor. Where did you put yours?

    Henrik Smedberg
    Hi Bill, thanks for responding to my post. I appriciate you being willing to answer future questions of mine, its nice to have help readily availible.

    Out of curiosity, would you happen to know where I might be able to get my hands on a transaxle for my build? 87-89 G50 transmission to be specific, or maybe any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
    Hi Bill Pete here,

    I'm back in Washington getting things sorted out for my move to Georgia next year. I am now mounting my steering rack. I was wondering about some basic dimensions on your rack. M y rack inner tie rod pivots measure 24 center to center while my lower a frame pivots measure 23 inches. Is yours the same? my rack seems to need to be lowered much lower than the holes that came on the chassis. Did you find that too when you mounted your new rack? Just wanted to make sure I'm not barking up the wrong tree.


    Hi Bill, I was looking to a very old thread last day, the one you shows a lot of photos of your friend possessing the GT road car. A serie of them shows in full detail the motor of the wiper road, (botom, side, etc,...). Here come my question the complete wiper set shows also, (but far away), the box, wiper wheel parts, could you please tell me, if you by wonder, took the parts number of it. If so could you please tell me the one it is. Thanking you on beforehand for your precious help, Cheers, Jan.
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