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  • Kent,
    Have you tuned the FAST? Mine is basic, needs tuning. Cranks OK, but surges at 2K if not accelerating. When first start, have to modulate throttle to keep it going. Once warm, OK. Initially went distributorless, it ran for a while then backfired through injectors destroying starter ring gear .
    lost 4 in a month. Helper had added Chevy pulley to crankshaft and faulty crank trigger. Wouldn't go to 50 , so he altered the computer. Could've shot him. Replaced all. Added MSD distributor and locked it out, MSD 6AL for spark, and FAST for timing. Initial 12 degrees, easier start, 20 degrees idle, 34 at WOT. Cranked first time and every time since. Found new FAST tuner and will tune in a couple of days(if money there).
    Send an email to [email protected] so we can converse. Visitor system is terrible.
    On your seat, need one with butt control. Racetech's aren't cheap, but will need something to keep you planted in the seat on turns. Noticed it twice in two GT's
    Hi Kent, not sure if you came right. please mail me your email address and i'll get info and picks to you. I am based in Cape Town South Africa, not sure if that's an option or what you intend spending. Joe. email me at [email protected]

    My apologies, I didn't get an e-mail notifying me of your PM and I rarely check here. Send me an e-mail to [email protected] and I can send you some photos. It is a bit of a work in progress and I have the interior out at present, upgrading it with an e-brake, cable shifter and floor mount pedals. Thanks, Julian
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