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  • Tom. My name is Alan Lofurno. I used to be a member of Seattle's PCA and met you once at a trackday at Pacific. I was there in my GT3 and you had your CAV. I have been looking at GT40 replicas for over 15 years and am thinking about selling the GT3 and upgrading. Would you be interested in speaking with me to answer a few questions about Cavs versus SPF's as well as your overall owner experience? I am in Portland now and can be reached at 503.720.4409 or [email protected]. Thanks in advance.
    Hi Tom,
    I live in Black Diamond Wa. My home phone is 360 886-2432, please feel free to call anytime.
    Thanks Cliff! I'll let you know when I see them. I haven't heard yet when they will be shipped, but Fran says that he has them in his posession. He is going to ship them cod.
    ps. when you get your parts, come on over and check out my car with the parts installed. I think I can probably offer an installation tip or two that might be very helpful and save time/frustration. I also made a custom tool or two for the installation which you might find handy to have.

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