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    A Dutch hello!

    Hi guys! I love this blog. I'm a design director for an OEM, but I love classics too. Other than designing cars, I love to build one myself. I'm really into buying a Gt40, and actually have 2 competitors in my mind. An RCR, or a Tornado. What are the pros and cons of both? Which one would be...
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    Sourcing 302 (or 289) block in the UK?

    So, I have been trying my best with search but the term "UK" is just a bit generic. Apparently in the US you can pick up a used 302 block at most corner stores for a few hundred bucks, but clearly they are not as prolific in the UK as the US and harder to come by. While the new Ford Z460 crate...
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    Gurney Eagle Small-Block Ford Conversion Kit - NOS

    This is a complete, original kit from All-American Racers. These parts have all been together for 43 years in careful dry storage. They are new, never run, and in perfect condition. Here is the list of parts in the kit: -One pair cylinder heads fully machined -One pair original...