Gurney Eagle Small-Block Ford Conversion Kit - NOS

This is a complete, original kit from All-American Racers. These parts have all been together for 43 years in careful dry storage. They are new, never run, and in perfect condition.

Here is the list of parts in the kit:

-One pair cylinder heads fully machined
-One pair original magnesium Gurney Eagle rocker covers
-BONUS - One pair reproduction aluminum Gurney Eagle rocker covers, with additional clearance for running higher lift cams
-Cylinder head studs and bolts
-Water manifolds and hose to connect them
-Stamped steel valley cover
-Set of four magnesium mounts for Weber 48 IDA carburetors
-Set of two complete rocker assemblies on shafts
-Set of pushrods
-Set of intake and exhaust valves
-Valve spring retainers
-Valve locks to match retainers
-Oil line for rocker shaft oil supply
-Lots of miscellaneous fasteners and fittings, basically all that is needed to assemble the kit.
-Original assembly instruction sheet from AAR

What's NOT included:

-Valve springs, since they depend upon the selected cam
-Gaskets. These are available from Cushman Competition for a nominal price.

Price: $8,500.00

FOB Long Beach, CA

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