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    R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

    A huge loss to us all. Thank you for your amazing work. R.I.P. Tim.
  2. M

    New member

    So many amazing builds. Here to learn. Mike
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    These guys are amazing!

    18 Sailors Stand Absolutely Still. Now Watch When They Look Up, AMAZING!
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    RCR GT40 on "Ride With Norman Reedus "

    Did anyone catch the killer white RCR GT40 on the episode last night?? Looked amazing! | Ron
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    Sled Driver

    Anyone read it? Worth the $275? The pictures look pretty amazing.
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    amazing technology

    Watch the attached video. It is an ISIS convoy trying to re-supply fighters in Mosul on July 1st. Pretty amazing technology considering a guy sitting at a console on a mountain top in Las Vegas was piloting a drone in Syria (with both missile and 20 mm Gatling gun armament)...
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    Can Am M1 - the last one ...

    After designing and racing a Can Am M1 I thought I share the build of my version of this race car. I am located in Southern Germany and pay great respect to the forum and the amazing energy and creativity of this community. Hope that my pics upload ok ..
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    This guy is amazing!

    Shin Lim // A message - YouTube