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  • Curious about spare parts for sale as well. I will be concentrating on the rear clam and tail piece first. Looking for nice tail lights, side marker turn signal lights, rear grills (clam and tail piece), and intake grills. I appreciate any information you can offer. Appreciate anything can offer.
    Hello Ron,
    I just purchased a partial complete GT-R. I like what you did with the installation of the original GT air box. I have a GT air box now wondering about best way to make brackets and route the intake. I wanted to go above the cross bars but am running into clearance issues on the clam shell. I have seen you do it both ways. Did you need to modify the cross braces to go over? I'm running a stock Coyote.

    Where in MD do you live? I am in Rockville they had a really big show Oct 15 but no GT40s. They did have 8 panteras with another almost 600 cars it was good show.

    Hello, I am looking for my gearbox RBT a throwout, I do not ytrouve what model and where I could find
    you have an idea
    thank you
    Hey there, I would like to know what sizes of Hoosiers you had on your car at the time this photo was taken: Ford GT40 replica photo - A.G. Arao / noyphoto photos at pbase.com
    Hey Ron,

    I just found your reply. I can certainly understand your concerns with and wish you luck on your start up. Hope it all works out for you. I am still very interested in your car and am waiting on an interested party to sell my car. Hope that works out and quickly. Is your car spoken for yet? Look forward to hearing from you when you have a minute. Best, Dave [email protected]
    Hi Ron,

    I have been watching the post about your car for sale. Have to join the rest of the guys in saying that the car in nothing short of stunning. I talked with you for a few minutes at the SAAC convention in NJ.

    Have you sold it yet? I feel compelled to ask, not knowing your situation, if you might be interested in a trade. I have a beautiful and high end Contemporary 427 Roadster. I am currently tracking my BMW M3 in hope of getting licensed with a local club. I have been getting the Cobra ready for the track but have not had the pleasure yet. Please let me know if this might be something you would be interested in. I would be happy to send you plenty of pics and specs.

    Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you if you have a minute.

    Best, Dave
    [email protected]
    I am french and I would be very interested in your car.
    I have some questions in you rest on the vehicle.
    What is the manufacturing date?
    Are you a car registration document or tittle ? (Of what year?)
    Can you send me photos of the inside, the mechanics...?

    I apologize of you ask all these questions but I need it to know if I can register him in France

    Thank you for your answer

    Actually,I gave them to Fran to take back to Michigan with him so that he could put them on your car to ship.I was going to PM you to let you know but have been very busy.

    Great seeing you as well.

    Hi Ron,

    I was hoping to take you up on your offer to borrow your two BFG tires to get my new RCR40 out of the great state of Michigan. Are you still okay with that?

    Great seeing you again last weekend. I was impressed with your Pantera out on the road as well! ;?))
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