Can Am M1 - the last one ...

After designing and racing a Can Am M1 I thought I share the build of my version of this race car. I am located in Southern Germany and pay great respect to the forum and the amazing energy and creativity of this community. Hope that my pics upload ok ..
This the DG 300 - new box - Magnesium Housing - 53 kg.
I have designed a bellhousing for it which mates to a Chevy CT 525. I have designed a dry sump and induction system for the engine which I will post separately with more details.


Wow!! and he didn't even mention the M8F in the back ground. Hi Wolf and welcome to the forum, those LMP chassis are really nicely made and looking forward to watching this take shape. So what's with the M8F is that another project you will share with us, PLEASE. That workshop!! looks like a hospital theatre, I'm ashamed of mine now.

Cheers Leon
Leon, you took my words literally ....looks like a hospital. How do you keep it so clean, love the standard of work and like everyone else am looking forward to see your progress.
Mmm A 525 through a DG300 is a bit optimistic , you obviously don't mind pulling it apart after every meeting.
other wise all I can say is Wow.
cheers John
Many thanks for the warm welcome - much appreciated
I have seen your own builds and I'm impressed what you guys create from scratch - sometimes with minimum Information.
Leon Can obviously smell M8s ... yes will do. that one sometime too .... will start Seperate thread when I get to that one- I was lucky enough to access an original and a bare original chassis from the 1970s ....
Hey Guys, you should check out LMP's web site, Wolfgang makes some pretty amazing stuff. Very talented man. There's even an M6B in the pipeline.

John, I think you'll find the 525CT is a 6.2L LS3 motor , not a 525cu big block. Correct me if I'm wrong. Regards, Udo.
Hi Mate yep its a 525hp LS3 but would have approx. 500ft lbs of torque for a gearbox rated at 300 ft lbs, they will take it, but they like lotsa maintenance.

cheers John
Just coming back from tarvelling and figured out that I have to downsize all the pics for upload - a bit of hazzle to get this all from the i-phone to the PC etc. Sorry for some repeats but now I know how it works

@ Udo - many thanks pos comments - I am following your M6 build with great interest - looking great - hope to see you racing the thing soon ....

@ DG 300 - For what its worth .... If you allow me I am happy to share some experience as I am racing in the European Histocup series for some years. If you go racing then the gearbox is one of the most sensitive if not THE sensitive component. We are racing very hard and I had to invest quite a bit of money before I got it all sorted. Although the design is old the DG 300 is one of the most stout designs of the casing - very tough side plates and tunnel design of the casing so that F1 and F5000 guys actually mounted their suspension on it ( I will do that too for the M6 and M8). If you shift the dog box fast and brutal the dog rings will last more then 2 seasons at least. On other boxes I have actually blown the side plates with the diff out - or worn out the main bearings .... The DG 300 box can easily cope with the CT525. I have these boxes made by a gear company for me based on original case pattern and beefed up internals. I also get an LG 600 remake and my own design 5 speed sequential with up to 1000 Nm for me - that's for the M8 ..... The other thing which I learned the hard way was that its actually not the engine torque stressing the box most - its the downshift and braking. The reason is that I am runing 15 to 16 in wide tyres and they stick like shit especially when new. If you use low inertia flywheels then the downshift can generate a huge spyke in load during downshifting (despite heel and toe) which is the biggest stress in the box. Road cars which run a Porsche box with engines with very high power let the gearbox only survive because those tyres dont have the traction anwhere near the fat race tyres of a Can Am.

Again apologies for long waffle - I am not trying to open a big debate and be overly smart but rather share what has worked for me after some painful experience .....


I've often wondered why car builders never adopted 'slipper' clutch designs to avoid downshift torque transfer?

Works great on racebikes.