1. M

    Fortyfication issue 118

    Excellent issue dropped through my letterbox today. Congratulations to all who contributed, edited and productionised it, a really impressive publication. Thanks to all involved and also to all who took on roles at the AGM. Very much appreciated.
  2. F

    Cav gt40

    Just bought my 1st 40. Looking for tires. I have 15" rims, and I am looking to go wide rear to handle the 600hp. Will the 295 Avon tires grab? Mounted on a 12" wide rim? Any help is appreciated.
  3. G

    SLC Windshield

    I am looking for a SLC windshield. Not the lexan. Any leads would be appreciated.
  4. G

    Mk1 #1049 Paint Codes

    Ok guys. I need some help with the color names and code numbers for the original Gulf Oil colors on chassis number 1049. I know this question has been asked before but have yet to find a accurate answer. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. S

    does anyone know what brand replica this is

    looking that purchasing this car for the engine that in it( Porsche) does anyone know what brand kit this is and what the chassis is built on? any information is very appreciated. thanks!
  6. Yuji Yamada

    Wiper motor for GTD

    Hi, It looks I do need to replace the wiper motor although I seldom drive in rainy days. Thus, it'll be appreciated if you could let me know the part number and manufacture of the wiper motor for GTD40? Thanks
  7. N

    48 IDA Weber fueling issue

    I previously had a random backfire issue with my car that disappeared. Today it returned with a vengeance, and it appears to be due to "overfueling" ? as shown in video 1. After switching the engine off there was a large pool of fuel sitting on top of both butterflies as shown in video 2...