Mk1 #1049 Paint Codes

Ok guys. I need some help with the color names and code numbers for the original Gulf Oil colors on chassis number 1049. I know this question has been asked before but have yet to find a accurate answer. Any help would be appreciated.


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P/1049 was originally painted Metallic Diamond Blue per the World Registry of Cobras & GT 40s 4th Edition.
Later J W A painted the Marigold stripe.

Gulf Livery colors

Found these:

Triumph Light Blue P030-8013 and Marigold P030-3393
blue PPG 12163 (ICI 8013) and orange PPG 60812 (ICI 3393)

The PPG codes are good because my painter, who uses PPG paint, is going to paint my car with these colors.
I believe there are two different blues.

Someone who knows should post and help us out.