1. J

    GT40 ZF-transaxle

    Wanted for GT40 mk1 289" -65 race car: ZF 5DS25-2 and other drivetrain parts. Contact with full technical details: - jyrki . sulka ( a t ) gmail . com - PM - + 358 4oo 633 5oo Can collect from UK mainland and Europe
  2. R

    Drive Train

    New RBT with 4:11,KEP bellhousing 355 sbc 500hp. Enderly injected. IDA manifold and new webers. Air gap 4 barrel manifold All for SBC . CAV bellhousing for SBF $17,500 for all. I don't see how to attach a picture? Randy
  3. M

    012 gearbox to Alfa V6

    Hi Everybody I am building a mid engine car at the moment but am having trouble with mating the gearbox an Audi 012 to the engine an Alfa 3litre V6. The alfa flywheel is too big fit inside the bellhousing. I need to use this for the starter to work. Also because the Alfa V6 is externally...
  4. Andy Sheldon

    Chevy V8 small block to Renault bellhousing

    We now have a version of our cast aluminium bellhousing to adapt the small block chevy V8 engine to fit the Renault gearbox. The kit consists of a high quality bellhousing cast in LM 25 and heat treated, engine plate, modified clutch arm and a fixings pack. The bellhousing will fit Renault...
  5. S

    ZFQ Bell housing wanted

    New or used okay.
  6. N

    4-bolt ZF dash-one bellhousing

    A bit of background .... Today I collected my new and unused dash-one ZF transaxle after it was turned the right way up for my application (will be mated to my original Jaguar quad-cam prototype "XJ13" engine). The conversion was carried out by Paul Fleming in the UK who looks after a range...
  7. S

    Bellhousing to chassis clearance

    Hi, I have just fitted my gearbox and engine assembly in to the car and found that the bellhousing is touching the chassis before the tail of the gearbox is low enough to bolt to the mounting brackets. I know i will need to remove some material from the underside of the bellhousing to get the...
  8. R

    cluth and bellhousing

    I just buyed a engine factory 347 for my SPF GT40 chasis 2114, but I have a big problem. The new engine has a flywheel based upon a 87-93 Mustang. 157 teeth. 10.5 inch diameter. Neutral Balance. and the bell housing is for a flywheel with 166 teeth, and the starter dónt serve for the engine...