012 gearbox to Alfa V6

Hi Everybody
I am building a mid engine car at the moment but am having trouble with mating the gearbox an Audi 012 to the engine an Alfa 3litre V6. The alfa flywheel is too big fit inside the bellhousing. I need to use this for the starter to work. Also because the Alfa V6 is externally balanced with it. I assume I will need an adaptor to cover the flywheel and then step down to bolt onto the bellhousing. My concern then is that the input shaft will be too short. I am wanting to ask everyone advice on what to do here.

I have had some thoughts

1. Cut the audi bellhousing and some how weld on the alfa bellhousing at the right lenght so that the input shaft is long enough to pick up the pressure plate splines.

2. Use the alfa flywheel with a second flywheel that steps out (bowl shape), something similar to this


I think this is what he is doing stepping the flywheel out to move the clutch into the bellhousing.

3.Make an extension for the inputshaft with the correct alfa spline at the right length and extend the fork for the thrust bearing. Is this kind of thing done? This would mean I could use the Alfa clutch and pressure plate the other ways I would have to have a custom pressure plate made with and alfa plate with audi spline hole.

This is doing my head in, surely its not this hard!
Pleae please help

Oh also does the 012 input shaft use a spiggot bearing?
Marcus contact Flat chat, sounds like you will need a custom flywheel and then use an Alfa flexi plate to retain the starter, that's how I fitted an 012 up to an LS1.
cheers John
As per John, I have also done similar mods to both Rover V8 and a Lexus where I have retained the origional ring gear on a stepped flywheel or run a flex plate. In both cases I have run a 32mm thick adaptor and recessed the ring gear / flex plate into the back and bolted the Audi up to the other side. I have one sitting on my bench at the moment if you would like pics to better understand. Its quite simple to do.