1. C

    FS: 2014 RCR Superlite Coupe Pearl White $82k

    Hi All, Selling a RCR Superlite I purchased a couple years ago as a streetable track car. Car runs and is ready to go. Absolute blast to drive and handles like it is on rails. Trying to downsize my collection and simply don't drive them enough. This car has been very reliable and gets tons...
  2. SSSammy

    SPF MkI - A/C Condensate Drain or What?

    As of last week, I now own P2306 and have been going over the car. Everything is generally in order except this clear vinyl hose under the bonnet. It dumps to the road thru the front pan, but the other end has a broken black plastic hose fitting. I can't find where it would connect to. Have felt...
  3. F

    steering wheel

    I have a 2006 CAV and wondering if anyone knows where to get a nice black steering wheel with raw aluminum center pc that will fit?
  4. Mitch Krause

    Radiator Fan Direction and Wiring

    Hello, I think I did enough research and reading to determine that the direction of the airflow through the radiator should be from front to back. In that case with my fans, that means that they are pulling air through the radiator. That is accomplished by putting the 12VDC signal into the...
  5. johnny cobra


    Hi guys and girls . The heater supplied with the kit has 4 wires on it . red ,,,, ... black ........ on my loom there are 2 wires green with yellow trace ... and the other is 2 light green wires connected together .. don't matter what ones I connect . the fan wont run unless I...