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I have a 2006 CAV and wondering if anyone knows where to get a nice black steering wheel with raw aluminum center pc that will fit?
Moto Lita does the GT40 wheels. Ask Mr. Google. We can supply the "Ford G.T." center if you wish.

Early cars actually had blue leather, not black. That can make a nice touch if you desire.


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Guys, this wheel will bolt right up to a 2006 CAV boss? SO I just need the steering wheel?

Also, the center pc. you offer is it the raw, dull aluminum? I don't want polished or chrome.

Mike Drew

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One objection I have to these wheels is that they use a modern, fat grip. The original wheels used a much thinner, more delicate grip. I wonder if it’s possible to get a true replica of an original wheel somewhere?

I have the correct type wheel in my car. No, it will not bolt onto the CAV hub. I purchased a high end quick release and then had a machinist mount it properly. Love it! Doable indeed, but will take some modifications.
I like this one. Dull raw alum looking center pc.
That is the Superformance wheel/hub. We use "GT40" as it is licensed to SPF, the repro centers we sell are "Ford G.T." as the FAV cars were. SPF cannot supply the "Ford" center without licensing it, the manufacturer that we get the "Ford G.T." centers from have licensed it, this is separate from Superformance.

Will that wheel pictured fit my CAV, and do you have them and that exact center pc?
No, the Moto-Lita wheel will require modification of the boss on a CAV shaft. The PCD is different. We can supply them as shown, but as was suggested, a "quick-release" hub will allow you to install whatever wheel you want.