1. M

    New SL-C from Atlanta saying hi!!

    Hey guys!! It's been about a month or so since i got my SL-C project from @Gareth . I was the lucky guy to take it off his hands (he knows he can always come to Atlanta and drive it!!). I was told there is another SL-C in Atlanta.... anyone here? is it true? Not sure how many SL-Cs total on the...
  2. W

    Goodyear Blue Streak G7 tires

    Anyone got any 15inch Blue Steaks available / price ?
  3. M

    HotRod Heater /Air System

    OK, I had run into a mysterious area last week that left me wondering. I had three wires hanging down from my heater / AC system (after it was installed) and I didn't know what they were for. One was Red, one was Blue and one was Yellow, with bullet type connectors on each and the Yellow one...
  4. Jkviper

    Picture of Deep Blue SLC

    If anyone can post or direct me to a photo of a deep blue gel coat SLC I would appreciate it. Thanks, Joel
  5. V

    Paint Identification P1065

    Hi Guys What is the paint color for P1065? I like the semi worn look of this old style blue. The article says Azure Blue but is nothing like the modern azure blue. I cant post URLS or IMAGES yet. So please Type "P1065 Hemmings" in google to see the car. - VIN
  6. A

    Joe Arpaio

    If you are Law Enforcement and you get a call that three men robbed a convenience market with the following descriptions, white male, average height, tan trench coat, blue cap. Hispanic male, average height bomber jacket, green cap. Black male average height, blue wind breaker, white cap, who do...
  7. D

    Choosing color for gt40 MKI

    Hi Guys, new to this forum, but long time reader, i am a bit of a american Muscle car collector and my latest project is the MKI GT40, i have just completed the build and ready for registration. its an RF GT40. for the last 2 years i have always been sure of the color scheme i wanted. but now...