New SL-C from Atlanta saying hi!!

Hey guys!! It's been about a month or so since i got my SL-C project from @Gareth . I was the lucky guy to take it off his hands (he knows he can always come to Atlanta and drive it!!).

I was told there is another SL-C in Atlanta.... anyone here? is it true? Not sure how many SL-Cs total on the road..?

When i got the car from Gareth, he had a lot of the work done, probably around 70% of it. Things that needed to be done was to finish the clutch line and bleed brakes and clutch, finish tightening up and bolting some suspension components, bolting the roll-cage, finishing the interior, as well as fitting the body panels and body work.

I've been working on it an hour here, 6hrs there.. So we are about to get to go-kart stage (Woooohoooooo!! Cant wait to drive this puppy in my subdivision lol) and once we do that i will start with the body. Although Gareth got some nice upgrades with the seats, seatbelts, steering wheel, etc.. I'm wanting to add some options to it such as the exhaust cover plate, fender and window vents, etc. I did add air suspension to all 4 simply because 2.5 inches off the ground isn't the most doable to me lol!!

Here are some pics of when i got it as well as the go-kart, etc.. the entire exterior of the car is in my basement for now lol!!

I'll start being active in here!! If you guys are on IG please follow me for some videos and such as i post on my stories! Hope to connect with y'all! @Mr_Venezuela

Cheers everyone!! Happy Building!


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Congrats Raul.! Keep us updated on your project. I am also building my newly acquired SLC .
Awesome dude!!! Can't wait to see the machineeeee! I gotta do the air suspension between this week and next week and then it'll be drivable in gokart style lol!! Then off to start working on the body o_O
Yes .the scoop is functional buddy .
Do you have a blog or a write up with how you did it? My goal is for it to provide in-cabin ventilation but being able to close it if it rains or such. Not sure what screen or flaps or what not most people here are using ?? Thanks man!!
On my SLC the scoop only feeds the engine bay area but I have read people using it to vent the cabin. I'll see if I can find some info for you
You can make something like this. Where it can rotates back when it's raining and you can turn it around when you want fresh air to come in . Directional AC vent cap on the cabin side?