1. weisserheilbronn

    Source for UNC bolts / hardware in Europe / Germany?

    Hello European builders, Can you tell me where you buy your UNC bolts / hardware? Availabilty of UNC bolts in Germany with desired dimension, proper grade and good plating is poor - after I found the right one it was 2€ /piece.... Naturally I don't need huge quantities... for metric...
  2. L

    RCR/SLC adapter plate G96.01

    I think there's a couple people who've used the RCR/SLC adapter kit for the g96.01 and LS. All I received was the adapter plate and flywheel. I know others have at least gotten bolts but I'm not sure about instructions. I've got a donor flexplate from an 04 C5, but it doesn't seem to align...
  3. S

    Reconditioned connecting rods.

    I'm in the process of planning my mild street/track 289 build. I have the engine completely disassembled. While pulling the pistons I let one slip through my butter fingers and dropped it on the floor. It landed on one of the connecting rod bolts and bent the sucker. Now I either have to have...