RCR/SLC adapter plate G96.01

I think there's a couple people who've used the RCR/SLC adapter kit for the g96.01 and LS. All I received was the adapter plate and flywheel. I know others have at least gotten bolts but I'm not sure about instructions. I've got a donor flexplate from an 04 C5, but it doesn't seem to align. Anybody got pictures of the setup or some instruction on the assembly.

I've already bought some bolts for the adapter plate and transaxle. Did standard ARP flywheel bolts work with the kit also?
I have the LS->Graz kit with clutch. No bolts, no instructions. Initially used ARP bolts for flywheel, 12.9 (grade) for metric and grade 8 for English.

Switched to ARP bolts for Clutch->flywheel last time the engine was out because the 12.9 (advertised) bolts had issues, one broke (easily) during removal. Others had stretched and would not have lasted long. Beware of 'advertised' grades on anything metric!

Use ARP for anything critical. The ARP Clutch bolts ran me $50, but worth it.