Source for UNC bolts / hardware in Europe / Germany?


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Hello European builders,

Can you tell me where you buy your UNC bolts / hardware?

Availabilty of UNC bolts in Germany with desired dimension, proper grade and good plating is poor - after I found the right one it was 2€ /piece....

Naturally I don't need huge quantities... for metric stuff there are plenty of good online sources but not for UNC stuff (or I did not find them).

Thanks in advance.

Hi Markus,
I you wish to retain some originality I can supply a small range of sizes of the 'GKN' brand as used on the original builds if cost is a secondary concern.


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Thanks to all responders,

@ Peter, Thanks for the offer but originality is not important here.

@ Ian, here I'm not only looking into one size but to buy a basic hardware inventory on imperial stuff.

@ Dave, Thanks – good source. I found everything I was looking for but was very surprised how much shipping is from UK. Hardware for 146£ + 46£ = 189£ >>that’s 30% on shipping :-(

@ Tom, Wow - Mcmaster-Carr has an unbelievable selection….. It looks like I have create a login first to figure out what shipping would cost – on top there is customs duty. Mcmaster-Carr seems to be the best deal (w/o shipping and customs for sure)> so I have to order to US and have the next buddy which goes to US bring to me ;-)