1. D

    (sorry!) Another question about brakes....

    Hi I'm biting the bullet and removing the servos from my car, but I'm having trouble deciding on master cylinder sizes (I've read loads of threads on here, but thats left me with more questions than answers, hence this post). My setup is pretty common (i think), so would be great to hear from...
  2. J

    KVA chassisnumber

    Where is it stamped on the chassis, and can you identify it by its number. My number SFAFXXBABFBB with 5 digits According to the V5, august 1th 1981 I don't have the chassis with the drum brakes. It has two coil-over shocks on each side on the back. 7 posts to go and I can upload pics.
  3. Dan carter

    Stuck Brake Calipers?

    Has anyone experienced the residual pressure (2lb) valves holding enough pressure to engage the brakes sufficiently to limit wheel rotation (wheels are very, very hard to turn). I even disconnect the axle to isolate the wheel hub, etc. My back two wheels are being impeded by the brakes. So...
  4. JBurer

    Camaro brakes

    Appreciate any experiences people have had in an SLC with the Camaro brakes. After setting them up (bedding pads, adjusting the balance, etc), did you find they performed well with reasonable pedal effort? Recognizing they're unassisted brakes... did you do anything other than adjust the...
  5. R

    SLC center lock conversion kit ?

    i saw this and though it would be pretty dope for an SLC. i know the SLC uses 5th GEN Camaro SS brakes and would look damn nice. so my question is, what are the pros and cons to having a system like this on the slc, obvious they would be hard to steal, and a pain to change tires in the event...
  6. W

    Australia Stability Control?

    This may be a silly question but under the new rules coming (in November I believe) all new cars must be fitted with electronic stability control, but does this apply to kit cars as well? reading the ADR rules it doesnt really specify any exemptions that kit cars may slip under except for...
  7. A

    Brake conundrum

    Hi All, first time on forum so please forgive ignorance. I am preparing my's GTD40 for the road/track after being unused for 10 plus years. The car was built, mainly by me in 1992 so was kit prior to that. I am trying to identify the type of brakes used at the front. They are Girling, pad...
  8. B

    Trailer Brake Controller?

    Here's an appropriate topic for "The Paddock". Now that my wife bought a horse, she wants to get a horse trailer. That means I'll need to add an electric brake controller to my Toyota Tundra pickup truck. I started doing some research and there appears to be three types of controllers...