Stuck Brake Calipers?

Has anyone experienced the residual pressure (2lb) valves holding enough pressure to engage the brakes sufficiently to limit wheel rotation (wheels are very, very hard to turn). I even disconnect the axle to isolate the wheel hub, etc.

My back two wheels are being impeded by the brakes. So before I tear into them to ensure the pucks actually retract a bit, checking the forum for anyone that may have a similar experience.

I know some of you changed the brand on the residuals, but I believe due to fittings,. I do not recall any actual performance issues with the kit provided residual pressure units.

I validated today that the caliper pucks were free to move. I skimed another 1/32 inch off the e-brake spacers and removed just enough e-brake pad to allow a piece of paper to pass between the rotor.

The biggest find was the caliper themselves were not centered on the rotor. A washer was added between the rotor and its mounting point that forced the caliper to be off center. With new pads, this was creating enough friction to feel like drag (actually it was). After measuring the caliper and rotor centers, the washer was removed and the caliper is now centered over the rotor.

Let my lack of awareness for the obvious be a warning to the new starts......lesson learned.

So was it the main rear calipers or the E-brake calipers? I noticed if the e-brake mounting holes are not dilled/tapped perfectly the pads will contact on a slight angle.
It was the main brake calipers. That extra washer caused my problem. I did remove a bit of pad off the brake pads because they were making slight contact.

Howard Jones

Remember that washer when you first start driving the car. There will be lots of stuff like that. Just don't get caught up in the experience of finally driving the car. Stop, go home and figure out what the issue is.

There is always a punch list.
In my post #5 above I meant to say I removed a little of the e brake pad (small grit sanding) Don't want anyone to think it was the main brake.

Howard is right, there is definitely a punch list. It took me 500 days for the first drive test and as careful as I thought I was being, a few items surfaced, especially this being my first build. Very big learning curve.
Cam. Turned out I had the main rear brake caliper off center enough to create the drag I felt. Once centered up, all is good. It was my oversight.