1. P-nut

    Which battery?

    I'm on my second battery for my car, soon to be the third, and am wondering if I should change to a different kind. Like many SLCs, my car has the Infinitybox system which has a pretty substantial drain on the battery when on. Even with their InReserve, my battery gets flattened unless the...
  2. S

    does anyone know what brand replica this is

    looking that purchasing this car for the engine that in it( Porsche) does anyone know what brand kit this is and what the chassis is built on? any information is very appreciated. thanks!
  3. K

    Audi 016 Gearbox, Kennedy Adaptor kit, Front Spindles

    PHOTOS ARE HERE: Shared album - Kent Finnerty - Google Photos Trans and Hubs are sold. KEP Adaptor Plate & stuff for Small-block Chevy to Audi Transaxle includes Clutch, flywheel, throw-out, pilot bearing, and hardware. All brand new, bought and never used- $500 OBO Parts are located in...