Audi 016 Gearbox, Kennedy Adaptor kit, Front Spindles

PHOTOS ARE HERE: Shared album - Kent Finnerty - Google Photos

Trans and Hubs are sold.

KEP Adaptor Plate & stuff for Small-block Chevy to Audi Transaxle includes Clutch, flywheel, throw-out, pilot bearing, and hardware. All brand new, bought and never used- $500 OBO

Parts are located in Northern VA
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Hi Kent,

Managed to get the photos working this evening, some reason cant see them on my phone.

Providing you are happy to ship to Australia, I will happily take the uprights and brake kit.

Does anyone have another contact for Kent, I would really hate to miss out on the spindles and brakes he has for sale above.
Thanks Mike
Sorry for the delay, I was in the middle of moving. These things are about 65 pounds, sure you'll want to pay to ship em?
Hi Kent,

Thanks for the reply, yep can understand completely - moving is never easy.

I don't see an issue with the weight, if it could go by snail mail to save me a few bucks would be great. If it turns out to be stupidly expensive I have a brother in Huston who could hold it for me, till I work something out - that would be my back up plan.


I sent you a privet message days ago...if things fall through with mike I do want the spindle and brake package

Hi Richard,

I am still waiting to hear back from Kent. Understand he is pretty busy at the moment.

Kent I have sent you a PM with postage details.

Do you know the ratios on the 016, or part#? Any idea for crating/shipping it to Sumas Washington?



The ratios depend on which 016 you have. There is a number stamped on top of the bell housing. You can cross reference that on the attached spreadsheet that was posted on the forum a while back. As far as part numbers go, there are manuals available online.


  • Audi Transaxle Ratios V5.xls
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Thanks Veek, that spreadsheet will be helpful. I am hoping that Kent can reply with the model of his 016 for sale in this post, after he is finished moving.
Stamp on the bellhousing of the trans is 5N09075

I'm no longer at the location where all of these items are, so it's just taking a while to get specific questions answered.

Responding to PMs now...