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    Share your engine combination............

    Maybe this could become a sticky. I've been surfing the internet and mainly magazine articles on various engine builds from a 289/302 up to a 427 windsor stroker and even a few 427FE builds. I was just wondering if people would share their engine builds along with their HP/TQ dyno results...
  2. L

    WTB chassis

    I wanted to reach out to see if anyone has a chassis available? Thank you and I hope everyone’s builds are going along strong.
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    New member

    So many amazing builds. Here to learn. Mike
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    Paul's RCR GT40 build

    I purchased the RCR GT40 that Scott B. from Texas had started. Have wanted a GT40 for quite a while and when Scott said he would sell his I had to do it. Thanks to Scott for letting it go. Fran, Vicki and Kristin at RCR have been very helpful so far in getting things going. I've been building...
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    Starter Button and Battery Switch

    I am getting ready to start the electrical aspects of the build. The Infinity system looks straight forward, but there are a number of things that need to be added. I have seen starter buttons and battery switches in some builds. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best options for...
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    Electrical Paint

    Hello Tech Heads, I have just read where there is a paint available that can be used for electrical wiring. I wonder if there is a use for this product in car builds? What is your opinion?