1. W

    Snap-on Timing light help

    Has anyone here got a Snap on Timing light number MT2261A ( the computerized Tach / advance unit ) Mine broke today and I found the cables to the Spark Lead pickup unit had disconnected at the pick up. As usual I took it apart, repaired the cables then forgot how it went together !! Can...
  2. Dans GTD

    Dan's GTD Getting some attention

    I have been working on a GTD that was passed down to me from my dad. The car sat in his garage for about 15 years. My dad having a collection of classic Fords let this one get left behind because of frustration of the car not going into reverse and some electrical issues. I took possession of...
  3. R

    shifter cables needed --- gt40 mkII

    trying to remove "master shift" electronic digital shifting... and superformance doesn't have any cables in stock, please call if you can help, 352 871 8861 thanks