shifter cables needed --- gt40 mkII

trying to remove "master shift" electronic digital shifting... and superformance doesn't have any cables in stock, please call if you can help, 352 871 8861 thanks


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Did you try Dennis? You could also have one made up custom from a variety of sources.
Mike is sending you off in the right direction. Dennis Olthoff may be able to lay his hands on a 'used' on off of 2124. His number is 704 647 9924 and usually best to try after 8;15 am. Grady

Howard Jones

If you know what you need, such as a sample or even just a bill of materials, then call:

They can make ANYTHING and is the highest quality I have seen when it comes to push/pull control cables.

Another benefit is this. When I was building my SLC I wanted to change the length of one of the shifter cables. I sent it to them and they shortened it for a third of the cost of a new one AND saved my information with a part number. When my throttle (cable also from them) got burned by the exhaust they were able to just look it up and make one with a phone call and ship it to me overnight. I had it on the car in three days. Perfect fit exactly the same part.

I can't recommend them more adamantly.

California Push-Pull Inc. Cable Specialists Based in Chico, Ca.
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^ yep.

Had a set made in Europe from a very highly reputable firm, and didn't love them. Had the above make a cable for me, ended up being cheaper and a lot better - less slop, less friction.