1. Howard Jones

    Electronic Fuel Injection aftermarket and retrofit

    Holley EFI 550-406 Terminator EFI 4bbl Throttle Body Fuel Injection System - Hard Core Gray I am seriously considering a Holley FI system for my SLC. No matter who I ask I can't find anyone who has done one of these with a radical cam, 300 degrees of duration and more than .550 lift, AND it...
  2. Dan carter

    LS3/480 and Cam Surge

    Sorry gents this is an old topic but could not get search to dig up the old thread for me but I need an assist from the forum. I am building a street car and wanting to have typical city street driving comfort from this engine like any stock manual car. I have read numerous times that the 480...
  3. S

    289 build recipe

    I've been scouring the internet for ideas on this build. I just can't seem to sort out the finer points of the build. I plan to run 48 IDFs and 180 degree headers. I want to run Hypereutectic pistons. I will be using reconditioned stock connecting rods with ARP studs. The crank will be...
  4. W

    Cam Synch or distributor stub for EFI

    Are there any uk sources for Dorman 689-103 cam synch or other EFI distributor stub for 302 SBF? Dave