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    LTB Just Fishing For a Spider

    As the title says, I’m fishing for a spider or center section. I’ve just finished the suspension and I’m looking to see if anyone has a fiberglass spider laying around their garage that they don’t want anymore. I can help clear out some space for you :) If anyone has one and want to...
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    Gurney Weslake Valve Covers

    I have a pair of unused reproduced Gurney Weslakevalve covers that I originally bought for my CAV GT40. I got an offer I could not refuse for my GT40 and sold the car, but with the original "Ford Racing" covers on the 350. Selling these really cheap: $100 for the pair plus postage or ground...
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    The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame..

    What does it mean? It sounds like some kind of cheap scam to me but others may have a different point of view...