The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame..

Professor Plumpe

School for Scandal
Interesting and I wonder why it is that so many of 'rock royalty' jostle for position to get themselves 'inducted' or perhaps, it's just for the unsuspecting fans. I watched Led Zeppelin's 'induction' on YouTube recently and thought it was a cringe fest worthy of vomiting bone marrow. I got to wondering how the likes of Jimmy Page & Robert Plant could possibly sit through that kind of thing.. :shrug:
I have been (15 years ago) and there are some interesting exhibits, but it is a marketing operation. When they started inducting rap "artists" it was obvious that they were pandering to a demographic that they felt they were not reaching.

When the Moody Blues are not inducted it is pretty good proof that electioneering and politics determine the selections.
Well, it took until Wednesday before I finally got curious, and actually opened up this thread (Sorry Keith), and it was the highlight of my weekday lunches in the watching a sequence of YouTube videos of/about one of my favorite bands...Rush!.