1. J

    Hello, everyone!

    Newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online GT40s community. Whenever I'm riding out with my cousin, we'd usually bring our little Pomeranian with us (though we have to secure him in a dog crate during lengthy travels, as he loves to jump on my lap while I drive) . I joined up in the...
  2. Callaghan

    SPF Headlight alternative

    Greeting, Was wondering if anyone had found a decent replacement/alternative/upgrade for the factory Superformance headlights. Not sure if all the SPF cars come with garbage lights or I just got a Friday car. Oddly the fog lights are nice and bright. Cheers Callaghan
  3. MikeP

    F1 TJI explained

    Mercedes TJI - YouTube Cheers Mike
  4. P

    GTD fuel gauge

    Hi guys my right hand fuel gauge has stopped working on my 1991 GTD any ideas what to look for first and where to look might be a bad earth not sure Cheers Paul
  5. D

    Any UK based SLC owners?

    Have been lurking for a while. Im seriously contemplating an SL-C build here in the UK. I was wondering if there were any SL-C build owners in the UK who could answer a few questions? Cheers Mike
  6. O

    G’day from Downunder

    Hi All Just wanted to introduce myself and say G’day to all. I have been lurking on the forum for a while now as an interested party. I am now the proud new owner of a GT40 project DRB#97.:thumbsup: Cheers Kyle
  7. P

    Trans Ratio's

    Hi Gents I know there has been a lot of discussion around gear ratio's but I would like some feed back on what you think is the best final drive ratio for the street. I'm running a Porsche G96 3.44:1 on 25" rubber. Although I haven't done many miles it just seems too low. So before I shell out...
  8. MikeP

    Goodwood revival live stream 2017

    Goodwood Revival Live Stream 2017 - YouTube Cheers Mike
  9. P

    Spark Plugs

    Hi guys anyone know of a good performance plug to replace NGK BPR5FS on my 5.0 Ford engine in my 1991 GTD Cheers Paul
  10. D

    GTD throttle cable re-routing

    Hi all, I'd like to re-route the throttle cable on my car so that it comes over the front of the engine to the carb. Currently the cable runs down the right hand sill and up near the exhaust system to the carb. I'm hoping in doing this that I'll have a smoother action from a shorter cable and...
  11. P

    Alternator GTD

    Hi guys got a new alternator from Mick Sollis but bit confused on wiring please see attached pictures if anyone can help old alternator and new Cheers Paul
  12. R

    Front suspension lifts

    Hi there Does anybody know of suspension lift kits that fit Qa1 shocks, not looking for too much lift but 50mm would be great. Cheers