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    50/52 Transaxle Cooler

    My 50/52 transaxle has fittings for a cooler. But I'm wondering if I need some sort of pump to move the oil? Or is there an internal mechanism that moves the oil? Kim
  2. C

    FS USA Mocal 13 Row -10 Oil Cooler

    Think Automotive Ltd MOCAL, 13 Row, 235mm, 10 JIC Male, Oil Cooler New in box, never installed. This oil cooler is also used in Cobras. $105 plus CONUS shipping
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    Graziano Fluids Pre-filled?

    I went to add gear lube to my Graziano transaxle, and in opening the side access, fluid started to come out. Are these pre-loaded with gear lube? Should I drain what is in it and add new fluids? Does anyone know the amount of gear lube the Graziano takes? I have a tranny cooler. Do I need...
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    Oil cooler placement

    Just wondering if I should expect some troubles with this oil cooler placement. It's rather high, just about the same height as the mid-point of the valve covers. It's located there because this is what was the fresh air inlet for the intake on the old turbo motor. I'll add a fan to boost...
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    Graziano Trans Cooler Thread Specs

    Does anyone know the thread specs on the Graziano Transaxle cooler inlets and outlets? I know what they are not - AN8 or AN6.