1. soulcoaxer

    Rumor Has It . . .

    SPF in conjunction with Safir Spares may release special 50th anniversary edition of the famous '68 and '69 Mrk I Gulf Heritage GT40s. There may be a limit of 25 of each year. Cars may cost between $170K+ to $190K+. Too many other specifics to quote. Let's hope it's not just a dream...
  2. 7

    Hello, new to site, wondering what "real" cost is of a GT40?

    Hello, been involved in muscle cars and some foreign for years. I've owned/worked on a 1970 Maserati Ghibli, 1967 Impala SS, 1970 Buick GS455, etc. I do all my own work Engine rebuilds, suspension, fuel systems, wiring, etc except for transmissions and rearends.. Just don't wanna go there...
  3. S

    realistic build cost?

    Hi! I am planing my GT40 build atm and want to hear from people who have finished or are nearly finished with their scratchbuilds what the final cost of the build landed on. Please tell me a little about the finished car so i can get an idea of how much was sourced from suppliers and what...
  4. Joules5

    GT40 replica sold eBay

    I'm not sure who's kit this is, but it appears well constructed and sold for what must be a fraction of the cost to build; GT40 sold eBay