GT40 replica sold eBay

Howard Jones

It was surely worth the original 79K. But if the seller couldn't wait for a buyer then all bets are off....................... 56K.

There is a very limited universe of potential buyers for these cars. If you want to sell one you have to set a price that reflects the value and WAIT. If not, you will get a fire sale price like this one.

Vin search found this:

1966 Ford GT40 Replica for sale - BECGT40011RS6 Ford Ford GT 1966 for sale in Corona, California, United States

I bet this car gets resold.
Sometimes things like divorce or emergencies force a sale. It's like most luxury items, it's only worth what someone will give you. If time is of the essence then you take what you can get. Somebody got a steal, I'd have been tempted if I'd known about it, Corrona is only about 30 min. from me.