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  • Hi Julian Iam definitely interested in your seats can you email me a pic? or post a pic on the gt40 forum?
    I will be at the fernley track event on 9/21 Lambo club rented the track. I am taking back my helmet to Summit tomorrow to see if I can get one a little smaller.I really don't want to race with towels or sitting on the floor.
    Hi Julian saw your posting about selling your car could you tell me a little more info on the car are there any photos of it in this site...have a good day! Kent

    It was supplied by PowerhausII Corp. in Fairfield IA (Tel. 641-469-3063).

    Cost breakdown @ 2004 pricing was;
    G50/52 gearbox & clutch package $9,000 inc. previously quoted ratios, HD billet shift fork for 1st/2nd, billet sidecovers and CMS billet side shift.
    PHII new GT2 type chromoly LSD @ 80/80 lock = $2,195
    Steel syncro package = $920
    Adapter & flywheel package = $770 (Gen 1 Chevy small block)

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