1. C

    Mid-Engine Super Car On A Buget

    Thank you for showing interest. I have a tube frame chassis I have built, but I'm trying to figure out how to fit a Toyota 2UR-GSE to a Porsche Cayman 6 speed manual transmission. I know I will need a custom bell housing, clutch, ect. If you know where I might can find a business that can make...
  2. J

    Bailey GT40 now on the road in Sweden!

    Finally completed! More details in the build log, summary spec: Chassie, body, suspension, electrical system, wheels, tanks; Bailey Cars, South Africa Engine; Roush 353 Gearbox; ZFQ with Porsche GT3 Cup linkage Tyres; Nitto AC and Seats; Southern GT UK Exhaust; Bilteknik Sweden...
  3. Kim Haun

    Custom Axle Fabricator Needed...

    Hello! So I'm to the point that I need to order custom axles for my RCR GT40 project. I have a source recommended by Fran that's back east but was wondering if anyone knew of a source on the west coast, Los Angeles or adjacent that I can get a secondary quote. I need the axles to handle 500...
  4. F

    F250R Super Raptor

    I have a 2015 better than new F250R Super Raptor, and it only has 9,000 miles on it. I rarely drive it, and I have $85,000 wrapped up into it. 6.2L, custom leather, power windows, doors, locks, mirrors, AMP research auto side steps, LED lights thought, all white, Bed liner, underbody coated...
  5. F

    Spoiler CAV

    Anyone know where I can get a rear spoiler , and front fin side spoilers? Aluminum or stainless not sure if its a option or custom what I see on some cars.
  6. Silver66fb

    Custom Vehicle Registration in TX - Warning

    I learned a tough lesson recently. TX Custom Vehicle registration expired 12/31/2017, while the GT40 was down for some work. In March, I took my insurance paperwork to the county annex and asked to renew the registration. Sorry - no longer in the system! 30 days after the Custom Vehicle...
  7. P

    My Texas Title Experiance

    For those of you in Texas who have yet to title their cars, I just titled and registered my car here as a custom car Replica. It could not have been easier!! I just faithfully followed the instructions for a later model Replica (vs the pre 50s ). The biggest deal is I had to get a one time...
  8. L

    Custom Chuck Taylor GT40 Shoes

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and just wanted to share my latest creation, which is not a car but I thinks it's pretty cool anyway. It's a custom Chuck Taylor All-Star, that I made through the "Design Your Own" service at Converse website, based on the famous Gulf Oil color scheme. Hope you...