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So I'm to the point that I need to order custom axles for my RCR GT40 project. I have a source recommended by Fran that's back east but was wondering if anyone knew of a source on the west coast, Los Angeles or adjacent that I can get a secondary quote. I need the axles to handle 500 to 600HP and have the 108mm CV joints. Anything I should spec in terms of better quality parts or materials? Thanks for your input!


Howard Jones

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Drive Shaft Shop: Tell them you want the max torque material and if you buy the expensive axles use the 935 CV's to go with them. These guys can make anything and will assist in fitment and part selection if you ask. I have worked with them twice and was very satisfied. I recommend them.

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Howard Jones

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I have been on this issue for months in the effort to modify my SLC to except C7 hubs. This will require different stub shafts like above.

The bottom line is NOBODY makes a cheap
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Howard Jones

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The last time I dealt with the DriveShaft Shop I needed to replace a broken half shaft on my GT40 (GTD40). I told them I need them back for a event over the phone when we discussed what my needs were, I sent them the one unbroken side, they duplicated it with M300 material and new 930 CV's, and had them back to me in a couple of weeks. That included my shipping time to them of a day or so.

I have no financial relationship with them but I am very happy with their work and highly recommend them.