1. J

    My 917/10 is ALIVE!

    It has taken 8 long and painful years but my 917/10 is running. It is Not tuned and the video does Not due the sound justice. More to come! Hi Fran! Home Built Porsche 917/10 Replica Start Up for the First Time! Finally! - YouTube
  2. J

    Canada/NZ TVR

    Thought some of you older members might enjoy an Up Date pic of the TVR, It has been running in Classic series for over 15 years now, 13 of those on the same engine & just finished this season with 8 wins I think. In that time its managed to fail a roller lifter ( due to error in setting valve...
  3. K

    In the PC Race - Canada Wins!

    Sorry Canucks but really..... :shocked: Man has personalised number plate withdrawn due to 'offensive' surname