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    DAX40 Ford 302 with EFI. Jenvey throttle bodies and Emerald K6 ECU.
  2. G

    Borla or Inglese EFI for 302

    I’m looking for a Borla or Inglese 8 stack EFI Induction system for my Ford Boss 302 engine. Please send me a PM if you have one available. Thanks
  3. 3

    Fuel Map

    Hey Guys, Ive tried searching and couldn't see anything that will help but maybe i'm searching the wrong words or something. Does anyone have a base fuel map for a 302 windsor or have any knowledge about tuning that can help me out. Im using the base map that came with my system...
  4. 3

    Speedmaster Turnkey EFI

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone has any tips or troubleshooting guides for the speedmaster turnkey efi. I have the car fired up but it is running super rich and using the heat gun it seems that cylinders are not firing. It also seems there is fuel getting into the cylinder and the...
  5. wolodymyr

    Cam Synch or distributor stub for EFI

    Are there any uk sources for Dorman 689-103 cam synch or other EFI distributor stub for 302 SBF? Dave
  6. G

    Holley Stealth Terminator EFI

    Has anyone with the Rousch 402 motor replaced the Holley 770 with the Holley Stealth Terminator EFI? Holley EFI 550-441K Terminator Stealth EFI Master Kit-Hard Core Gray - Holley Performance Products Looks like a straightforward swap. Does anyone have any info?
  7. Dave Hood

    Eight Stack EFI

    I attended the Spring Auto Fair today at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, and Dale Schaller from Eight Stack (www.eightstack.com) was there displaying their EFI system. I've had their system on my car for a year and it's running great. All the benefits of EFI with the great retro look of the...
  8. Big-Foot

    What do you suppose this is worth?

    I was told that it came off of one of the very first SAAC Mustangs that had been modified for Drag Racing. In case you don't know what it is - it's a cover for the top of an EFI Intake Manifold for a Mustang 5.0 engine.