1. P

    Lancia 037 recreation

    Ok so here it goes, I love building rally cars from the seventies and eighties. So far i have built a Lancia Stratos replica ( a Hawk with Alfa romeo V6 ). After i sold the car i bought a restauration project an Alpine A110 which is currently at the paint shop to prepare for paint. I have a...
  2. Big-Foot

    Driveline phasing and angles explanation - Great video!

    Special thanks to Jac Mac who surfaced this on Facebook.... Tuning Fork - This video is great at demonstrating how and... YouTube here:: Driveshaft Angle and Phasing - YouTube
  3. E

    SLC at the track this week end

    Raver Motorsports will be at Summit Point this weekend 4/20-22/18. This is one of the fastest SLC around if not the fastest. Check out some of the videos on facebook and youtube. There may be two other street SLC there. Agile Automotive is there support team and will be taking care of the car.
  4. PeteB

    Any interest in starting a Facebook group?

    Anyone interested in starting a closed SL-C owners/builders group on Facebook? I'll volunteer to set it up if there's interest. Seems like a lot of forums I used to be on that moved to Facebook have had a large increase in participation.