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    Hello, I'm actually a Porsche guy, but I've got a few bits that were also on the factory GT40 series. Trying to find a home for them rather than sitting in my office or in garage.
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    Strange Gas leak - KVA

    I had a strange gas leak several days ago. I decided to take my baby (a KVA GT40) out for a spin as she had been sitting in the garage all winter. As I backed out of the garage I noticed a stream of fluid coming from under the car – later I recognized that it was gasoline. I followed my usual...
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    Garage Update

    Bought a single story house back in April (5 car garage) and finally got the garage updated with new cabinets, lights and paint.
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    How difficult is it to build a detached garage?

    I've been calling around for quotes on a 3 car detached garage expansion and people are trying to tell me $110-$150k. Da faq? For somebody with limited craftmanship skills, how dificult is it to build a garage? I imagine pieces like electrical and foundation should be subbed out, but the rest...
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    Learning more about SLC

    Fran, fellow board members: I've done tons of reading in the recent past about the SLC. Amazing work Fran. I plan on pulling the trigger on one in the near future, though I can't quite decide if I'm going to build it or have someone else build it. The joy of me knowing every single wrench...