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    Ford GT Evo - for you GTR Builders

    Very cool car
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    Time critical: width of GTR for trailer clearance

    Hello all, I'm finally picking up my GTR after 3.5yrs. Out preparing the trailer and realizing I only have 77inches between fenders of enclosed trailer. I know the GTR is listed at 80inches which is 8 inches wider than my Mustang or Porsches. Anyone bring one home in their enclosed race...
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    Carbon gtr

    The mission begins the first purchase for what I will call the Carbon GTR, a Ford 3.5 Ecoboost Motor Twin Turbo sent to Fran @ RCR. [/ATTACH] Larry
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    possibly the sickest engine/tran package for an SLC ??

    ive been dreaming up some pretty sick engine possibilities for my future SLC. im thinking of an RB26DET turbo engine from a Nissan skyline, or maybe even a 2JZGTE from the Toyota supra mated with a Graziano because i know it will be able to handle the power for what i would like. i could picture...
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    Mki cav gulf le mans 1969 520 hp

    CAV GT 2008 new. Replica of the MKI 1969 LE MANS Winner car. 300 miles only of testing and tunning. LHD. Never raced. Ford 5L7 Tuned engine by T&L in the USA. Monocoque stainless chassis painted in black. Now deliver 520 HP (video and dyno sheet provided). 4 Weber carbs. Ultra short...