1. weisserheilbronn

    Recommendation valve cover gasket

    Hello all, Does anybody have a good recommendation for valve cover gaskets? Setup: 302 with AFR heads and repro cast aluminum Gurney Weslake valve covers With regular cork gaskets I'm not lucky. Markus
  2. mesamaui

    FS USA RCR GT40 Gurney Bubble

    Has been sold
  3. Andy Sheldon

    Goodwood Members Meeting

    76th Goodwood Members Meeting taking place this weekend. Includes the Gurney Cup featuring GT40s. Live all day stream link at Goodwood 76th Members Meeting Live Stream - YouTube Gurney cup practice on Saturday at 3.20 pm and race on Sunday at 3.30 pm. Thanks Andy
  4. IanAnderson

    Another of the Greats Gone - RIP Dan Gurney

    Racing pioneer Dan Gurney dead from pneumonia complications - NBC News RIP Dan Gurney Ian
  5. R

    Gurney Weslake Valve Covers

    I have a pair of unused reproduced Gurney Weslakevalve covers that I originally bought for my CAV GT40. I got an offer I could not refuse for my GT40 and sold the car, but with the original "Ford Racing" covers on the 350. Selling these really cheap: $100 for the pair plus postage or ground...
  6. C

    Gurney Eagle replica valve covers and cold air box

    Gurney Eagle REPLICA valve covers (to fit standard Ford 289/302/351 windsor heads), with cap and fittings. These will clear roller rockers. Also, both styles of cold air boxes. Both fit the single base which is included. Please note, this was fabricated to fit a modern 48 ida manifold, NOT an...
  7. O

    Gurney Eagle Small-Block Ford Conversion Kit - NOS

    This is a complete, original kit from All-American Racers. These parts have all been together for 43 years in careful dry storage. They are new, never run, and in perfect condition. Here is the list of parts in the kit: -One pair cylinder heads fully machined -One pair original...