1. F

    Bundle of snakes

    SOLD Sold sold sold
  2. E

    Hi-Po Heads

    I'm looking for a set of 1965/67 Hi-Po heads # C50E-A in any condition. Thanks, Ellis Hubbard
  3. W

    Cylinder head inlet valve sizes

    Hi All, I have a 331 stroker engine with modified pro sport cyl heads 1.9 in 1.6 exh. Originally the engine was built with a 268XE cam from comp cams but this has now been changed to a 274XE cam from comp cams. Question is, are the cylinder heads, especially the inlet valve size suitable...
  4. S

    289 build recipe

    I've been scouring the internet for ideas on this build. I just can't seem to sort out the finer points of the build. I plan to run 48 IDFs and 180 degree headers. I want to run Hypereutectic pistons. I will be using reconditioned stock connecting rods with ARP studs. The crank will be...
  5. M

    UK Registration, "As New"

    Just thinking ahead here... The UK DVLA states that for a reconditioned part (in my case the engine) "you can show that the part has been reconditioned to an ‘as new’ standard, in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines". I've just bought a 302, but it has Aluminium heads and an Edelbrock...
  6. wolodymyr

    Help! Intake manifold not fitting well

    I fitted the intake manifold, but was suspicious of the fit as the lower part of the gasket looked a bit loose, sure enough I can get a feeler gauge in there. Not just in one place, but each cylinder. The top part of the gasket is sealed but not the bottom as though the angle is different. As I...
  7. B

    GT40 Heads

    Hello all I have a set of GT40P heads destine for a 351W. It is my understanding the only thing that needs to be done to make the heads fit is to drill the head-bolt holes out to 1/2" so the larger 351W head bolts will work. Is this correct? Is there anything else of concern? Thanks. Eric