1. C


    Hello, I'm actually a Porsche guy, but I've got a few bits that were also on the factory GT40 series. Trying to find a home for them rather than sitting in my office or in garage.
  2. Veek

    Penetrating Oils

    I received this interesting article from an old motocross buddy. I thought some of you might find it enlightening, especially the reference to the "home brew". Penetrating Oils Machinist's Workshop magazine published some information on various penetrating oils. Some of you might...
  3. Howard Jones

    Interesting hood vents

    I found these hood vents surfing. Many different models. Might be of interest for lots of home built things. Not crazy $ either. Home page
  4. J

    Rare visitor in north

    Any idea of 40`s VIN? Car in front is P5 Taunus (64-67), and i think truck is Scania Taken in Keminmaa from telephone pole at truck drives home after night halt, Finland, spring of -66 or -67 i guess. GT went to Rovaniemi, for local Ford dealer`s car show. White stuff is snow :)
  5. T

    New Debut

    Quick Racing Products would like to announce a new SLC to the racing scene. Team Quick Racing Products - Home | Facebook