Rare visitor in north


Any idea of 40`s VIN?
Car in front is P5 Taunus (64-67), and i think truck is Scania
Taken in Keminmaa from telephone pole at truck drives home after night halt, Finland, spring of -66 or -67 i guess. GT went to Rovaniemi, for local Ford dealer`s car show.
White stuff is snow :)
Just a guess, but P1013 the Ford press car? Mirrors look right, but hard to tell from photo. Finland with snow, does it have anything to do with the ZF fendt roller?:drunk:
f that is 1013, it's speedometer showing 23k miles, is going into my GT40! I have some old magazine articles about 1013 and that very speedo is pictured. Not sure about you guys, but that sort of thing gives me a tingely feeling! Perhaps it's just me!